Ajwa 800g

SAR 30.00

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Ajwa Description

Ajwa date is especially beneficial for heart patients because it contains calcium, vitamins, and proteins necessary for health. Its size is also larger than other dates. According to doctors, dates are a good source of iron. This helps to keep hemoglobin true.

At Warefah all Ajwa dates are grown, harvested, packed, and shipped worldwide at our Albasiqat Dates Farm which is located in the holy city of Madinah. 


Ajwa dates are a medium-sized, soft, and dry variety of dates. The maximum length of Ajwa Khajoor is 3cm. They have shiny black color skin. Ajwa Dates have a chewy, meaty texture with a sweer taste like honey. Ajwa Dates are considered to be one of the most expensive dates in Saudi Arabia.

Storage Recommendations

We recommend storing the fruit in cool refrigerated to frozen temperatures. If kept frozen, this fruit has a shelf life of up to 12 months.